Q& A with Thomas .V: A New Vision of Jewelry

Posted by: Rebecca Bosanquet

This week we are delving into the deep and going behind the scenes with Thomas .V, a cutting-edge, luxury jewelry designer with a true alchemistic vision. Thomas takes traditional materials of exceptional quality such as gold, silver, brass and steel and fuses them with a mysterious and powerful identity to create unique handcrafted pieces. The vision and inspiration behind his brand are fascinating but don’t just take our word for it…meet Thomas .V and his brilliant collection.


A: So tell us a little bit more about your inspiration and why you started your own label? Have you always been passionate about jewelry?

T.V: I’ve been creating jewels since I was 16. I first learned the art of metal work as a goldsmith with les compagnons du devoir and graduated from l’école Tané de Bijouterie and later from l’école du LOUVRE in Paris which is one of the best jewellery schools in Europe. I graduated as a Jeweler and Fine Jeweler setter and then worked for the “Place Vendome” for fashion houses such as CartierChannelBoucheron etc…


At the same time I was creating pieces for my family, friends and some customers, so the evolution to create my own brand Thomas.V was natural.


A: What makes each Thomas V. design so unique? What key materials do you use and what inspires you?

T.V: I think my designs are unique because I make “simple” designs which are very “hard and pure”. I work a lot with plated gold & silver and use a lot of black plated matte silver (the color is a secret recipe!) and this gives the jewel a whole other dimension.

Thomas.V inspiration

My influences are a bit hard to define, it can be everything… A picture, a sound, a color… Hard to say!

A: Who is the Thomas .V woman?  What does she wear for a casual date night with her boyfriend, and which Thomas .V accessory is she wearing?

T.V: That’s a really hard question.

Thomas. V girl

The women wearing my jewels are very different. You can find some hipster girls, chilling in lounge bars, wearing  the square ring or some “M.I.A” girls wearing the 3EE collection.


You can also find some hyper classy girls, wearing pearls and stuff, also wearing the deer & elephant jewels Thomas. V pearls

My collections are large, everybody can find something to fall in love with, whether it’s with a form, a color or an idea. Once a grandma even fell in love with the crystal double ring.

Thomas .V Elephant Ring

So I can’t really define the target of my creations. I try to make timeless pieces, not just what’s fashionable at that moment or whatever, but in the end when you mix it with fashionable clothes, it works!


A: Tell us a bit more about your next collection..A little sneak peak perhaps?

T.V: I’m going to release a new collection in June, I cannot say any more except that its going to be…. unexpected!

A: Any current projects/collaborations you can share with our readers? Any plans for expanding the product line?

T.V: Well I’m working on a collaboration with LAUCLEM, and it’s going to be FANTASTIC. The designs we already did are really really beautiful!

Insect ring Thomas. V We mix our two different universes, and the result is amazing. I really love their work, and I also love them as people. This mini collection will be released at BIJORHCA Paris this July.


A: Where can we find your collection?

T.V: All the dealers are on my website. And you can find my products at many events including…

// M MARKET in Paris on APRIL 7.

// TAKE ME OUT in Paris on JUNE 8 & 9. Take me out ParisAmazing jewelry, amazing designer. Excited for the new collection in June. Merci Thomas!

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The Best Kept Secrets at MADE Paris

Posted by: Rebecca Bosanquet

Paris Fashion Week may be over but now is the time to look back at MADE Paris, an amazing show which was packed with insider info about the ones to watch for FW13/14. MADE was organized in partnership with MADE New York which helped the now mega-labels Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra to make their mark on the industry.

This summary of the top emerging designer talent we saw at MADE is the best kept secret of Paris Fashion Week!

Gareth Pugh

British Designer Gareth Pugh is right at the top of our list for his uniqueness and out of this world design innovation.

Gareth Pugh FW13-14

He plays with a strange and unusual combination of colors and materials which range from $2 bin liners to high quality leather, transparent silk and gold embroidery. Gareth’s collection was inspired by the Asgarda tribe of women, who live in the Ukraine’s Carpathian mountains. This is fashion that refuses to be put into a box.

Gareth Pugh FW13-14

The result is breathtaking both in terms of print and geometry with pieces that are really built to have an impact. Gareth’s collection has the same sense of adventure and edginess that we see in other British designers like Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood.

Damir Doma

Croatian-born Damir Doma has created a niche for himself with his rebellious yet hybrid collection.
Damir Doma

The collection is made up of utilitarian chic grunge pieces ranging from hound’s-tooth boucle tops to zip-back tunics and biker jackets.

Damir Doma

Damir uses a deep and rich metallic color palette with pieces that had a military feel giving the collection a utilitarianism aesthetic.

Damir Doma

Damir cites his inspiration as “Neo-corporate silhouettes superimposed with hybrid fabrications, spare utility and cool independence”.

Julien David

This collection provokes an instant “coup de coeur”. Tokyo based Julien David is part of a new school of French designers who are modern, innovative and yet global.

Julien David

Julien’s designs stand out because they combine textures in a captivating way, this collection includes everything from fluffy and lightweight to fluid and transparent. He used polka dot-embroidered mesh in an ingenious way to give the pieces a 3D element.

Julien David FW13-14

This is a fresh and lighthearted collection which incorporates creativity in each and every piece.

Julien David FW13-14

Olympia LeTan

Fashion with a sense of fun and irony was also what we saw from Olympia LeTan’s FW13/14 collection.

Olympia Le Tan FW13-14

The pieces were full of sweetness with a unique lederhosen-inspired je ne sais quoi.

Olympia Le Tan FW13-14

These pieces have a real unique charm with elaborately tailored coats, embroidered buttons, flattering full skirts made from sensuous French jersey and belts that said “Schnitzel with Noodles”.

Olympia LeTan FW13-14

Anthony Vaccarello

Belgian-Italian ultra luxury designer Anthony Vaccarello provides us with a FW13/14 collection that exudes Parisian elegance and sexiness.

Anthony Vaccarello FW13-14

The collection was sultry, black and skin tight including pieces ranging from three-quarter length coats with leather piping to woolen jumpers and skintight skirts complete with low-slung waistlines and pockets for hands to slip into.

Anthony Vaccarello FW13-14

Anthony’s designs are for women who want maximum skin revealing sleekness with a laid back edge.

Ligia Dias

The Paris-based jewelry designer Ligia Dias showcased her FW13/14 collection which had a raw chic feel to it.

Liga Dias

Ligia created a sense of style juxtaposition by combining spiky, punk necklaces, heavy chain links and feminine pearls.

Liga Dias