Q&A with ABO London: The Story Behind the Scarves

Posted by: Rebecca Bosanquet

We caught up with Kazakhstan-born Aliya Boranbayeva and Aizhan Bodanova to hear the story behind their label ABO London. The label was born from a passion to fuse their rich cultural heritage with the colorful, dynamic feel of London to create an exclusive label of locally sourced, ethically made, limited-edition, luxury silk scarves using high quality eco-friendly fabrics.

Colourful London

AGORIQUE fell in love with each and every one of the scarf designs. Each scarf tells a different story based on Aliya’s original artwork. Meet the lovely and talented designers come artists behind this fresh and fabulous brand.

Urban Network Scarf

A: Could you tell us a little more about what ABO represents? How did you come up with the name?

ABO: ABO London is an ethical luxury brand that makes everything in the UK. It represents things that are art related and unique, of finest quality and high class. My friend Aizhan and I set up the brand last year in London and used the first letters of our names and surnames for the brand name. As we created the brand in London we included the city’s name in the brand’s name so that’s how ABO London was born.

Paris Scarf

A: What makes each ABO London design so unique? 

ABO: Each design we produce is a limited edition. Our designs are quite artistic and impressionistic. We use art and technology to create beautiful and wearable products using natural silk and wool. In our interior accessories we also use natural silk, cotton and velvet.

A: Who is the ABO London woman?

ABO: ABO London woman is free spirited, confident and sweet, she lives life to the full and loves intensely. Aware of fashion and art, she is stylish and elegant, classy and modern at the same time.

The Silk Road Collection

A: The ABO London woman is going on a date with her boyfriend on a Saturday night, what is she wearing and how is she sporting her ABO London pieces?

ABO: It depends on the weather and the place. If she is going out in London at this time of the year she needs a warm scarf like Caspian Sea that can be styled in so many creative ways and keep her warm.

Caspian Sea Scarf


If she’s going out in Barcelona or Paris in spring she can just wear classical size scarves like Paris, Cherry Garden or Venice which add color to any outfit.

Cherry Garden Scarf

A: What was your first best seller product?

ABO: We launched in May 2012 and one our bestselling products was the Dune Moonlight scarf. The design is so interesting and it can be anything. It has different shades of pale grey, blue and violet colors. The size is just perfect and it is hand-finished.

Dune Moonlight Scarf

A: Tell us a bit more about your SS13 collection… Which one is the best seller today?

ABO: The SS13 collection has scarves of bigger sizes. It has more abstract designs and the fabrics that are used are silk and wool. There was a tendency for long wide scarves like Urban Network and Caspian Sea.

A:Can you give us a little sneak peak of your FW1314? What’s the inspiration behind this collection?

It will be very different from what we already had. It will be more abstract and bold, no ‘romance’, just ‘drama’.

Golden Temple Japan Scarf

A: Any current projects/collaborations you can share with our readers? Any plans for expanding the product line?

ABO: Recently we collaborated with Cyrine Aromatherapie on interior accessories. We created hand painted silky hearts filled with lavender, ylang ylang and jasmine dried flowers.

ABO London Cushion

We are changing our website as we expanded our product line adding interior accessories like cushions and stationery. We also had offers to create sarongs or light simple dresses. But its all under consideration and in the planning process.

A: What is the one accessory you never leave home without?

ABO: Scarf!

Japan Scarf

I would also like to add that some ABO London scarves are very appealing to men. Triangle double-sided scarves can be used as cravats and pocket scarves. We have a client in Zurich who bought several of those to wear to work.

Thank you ABO London! We loved your scarves before but fell even more in love with your designs with stories behind them.

Check out ABO London’s full collection here. Our favorite is the Urban Network scarf, which one do you like best?


Spotted and Inspired at London Fashion Week

Posted by: Rebecca Bosanquet

Fashion events like London Fashion Week are all about getting inspired and we were inspired by pretty much everything and everyone that we saw at Pure London and Scoop International Fashion Show in the run up to Fashion Week.


We are bringing you snippets of the style, people and passion that we loved the most during our whistle stop tour to style capital London.


We were moved by the huge talent of designers like Spanish designer Jessica who was modeling one of her stunning aztec cardigan designs from her label Yerse handmade in Barcelona. We loved her natural breezy look because it had such a natural feel good vibe about it.

Jessica from Yerse

We were also blown away by innovative fashion entrepreneurs Roxana and Stella from Romania who have created their own online store and facebook based pop up store entitled Band of Creators which stocks Romanian designers among them, Smaranda Almasan, Carla Szabo and Florentina Giol. 

Band of Creators

This duo were so passionate about what they do and this came across in their style. Roxana was sporting shoes from the Adidas Y-3 collection.


We also had the pleasure of bumping into style blogger Tiger Lilee author of www.truthofatiger.blogspot.com and style innovator who was looking amazing in monochrome.

Tiger Lilee

Tiger Lilee’s fun character comes across in both her blog and her quirky choice of accessories, rocking a Flash Trash ring and vintage bag.

Tiger Lilee

Tania Ray (right) was another UK style blogger whose style we loved. She told us she was inspired by the collections of emerging designers like Karen Tino and loved checking out the shoes of Brasilian label Melissa.

Tania Ray

Bernie, from UK online store The Dressing Room also told us she had fallen in love with Melissa shoes and we were in love with her adorable overalls outfit.


Speaking of adorable we couldn’t leave out blogger Emily Jayne Philip who inspired us with her super adorbs vintage pink look.

Emily Jayne Philip

Emily Jayne is a big fan of British Fashion labels like Emily and Fin and The Pretty Dress Company and loves to support them in her awe inspiring blog.

Francesca Ferretti

It wasn’t just the style bloggers who were inspiring us in London. Francesca Ferretti (on the right) owner of Rome boutique Ascot wowed us with the subtle splashes of spring yellow and green that she included in her look.

Spring yellow and green

Francesca also inspired us with her passion for fashion and adoration of European labels: Derhy and Patrizia Pepe.

Natalia Hajirousou

 Natalia Hajirousou from Cyprus based boutique Spotlight Fashion was another fashion entrepreneur who inspired us with her uplifting style wisdom and colourful look.


We loved Carla from Madrid based boutique Hippy Heart for her regal style and brocade jacket.

Rosie Bowden

Last but not least was Rosie Bowden from London based boutique Cover Up Clothing (left) who told us she spotted some super cool brands at Pure including Almost Famous and Dahling. Her look was all about fur, fabric and fun. That’s enough to make anyone grin from ear to ear 🙂

Thanks London for the fashion eye candy, we’ll see you in September!