Q& A with Thomas .V: A New Vision of Jewelry

Posted by: Rebecca Bosanquet

This week we are delving into the deep and going behind the scenes with Thomas .V, a cutting-edge, luxury jewelry designer with a true alchemistic vision. Thomas takes traditional materials of exceptional quality such as gold, silver, brass and steel and fuses them with a mysterious and powerful identity to create unique handcrafted pieces. The vision and inspiration behind his brand are fascinating but don’t just take our word for it…meet Thomas .V and his brilliant collection.


A: So tell us a little bit more about your inspiration and why you started your own label? Have you always been passionate about jewelry?

T.V: I’ve been creating jewels since I was 16. I first learned the art of metal work as a goldsmith with les compagnons du devoir and graduated from l’école Tané de Bijouterie and later from l’école du LOUVRE in Paris which is one of the best jewellery schools in Europe. I graduated as a Jeweler and Fine Jeweler setter and then worked for the “Place Vendome” for fashion houses such as CartierChannelBoucheron etc…


At the same time I was creating pieces for my family, friends and some customers, so the evolution to create my own brand Thomas.V was natural.


A: What makes each Thomas V. design so unique? What key materials do you use and what inspires you?

T.V: I think my designs are unique because I make “simple” designs which are very “hard and pure”. I work a lot with plated gold & silver and use a lot of black plated matte silver (the color is a secret recipe!) and this gives the jewel a whole other dimension.

Thomas.V inspiration

My influences are a bit hard to define, it can be everything… A picture, a sound, a color… Hard to say!

A: Who is the Thomas .V woman?  What does she wear for a casual date night with her boyfriend, and which Thomas .V accessory is she wearing?

T.V: That’s a really hard question.

Thomas. V girl

The women wearing my jewels are very different. You can find some hipster girls, chilling in lounge bars, wearing  the square ring or some “M.I.A” girls wearing the 3EE collection.


You can also find some hyper classy girls, wearing pearls and stuff, also wearing the deer & elephant jewels Thomas. V pearls

My collections are large, everybody can find something to fall in love with, whether it’s with a form, a color or an idea. Once a grandma even fell in love with the crystal double ring.

Thomas .V Elephant Ring

So I can’t really define the target of my creations. I try to make timeless pieces, not just what’s fashionable at that moment or whatever, but in the end when you mix it with fashionable clothes, it works!


A: Tell us a bit more about your next collection..A little sneak peak perhaps?

T.V: I’m going to release a new collection in June, I cannot say any more except that its going to be…. unexpected!

A: Any current projects/collaborations you can share with our readers? Any plans for expanding the product line?

T.V: Well I’m working on a collaboration with LAUCLEM, and it’s going to be FANTASTIC. The designs we already did are really really beautiful!

Insect ring Thomas. V We mix our two different universes, and the result is amazing. I really love their work, and I also love them as people. This mini collection will be released at BIJORHCA Paris this July.


A: Where can we find your collection?

T.V: All the dealers are on my website. And you can find my products at many events including…

// M MARKET in Paris on APRIL 7.

// TAKE ME OUT in Paris on JUNE 8 & 9. Take me out ParisAmazing jewelry, amazing designer. Excited for the new collection in June. Merci Thomas!

Stay up to date on all things Thomas.V via facebook



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