Q&A With Barcelona Fashion Blogger BarnaChic

Posted by: Verónica Maya

We recently got to catch with Barcelona based fashion blogger Elizabeth, whose love for fashion and keen sense of style is clearly captured in each and everyone of her posts. A blog full of fashion & beauty tips, trends and Barcelona’s most romantic venues. We are addicted. Please meet Elisabeth, the wonderful blogger from BarnaChic!

A: Tell us a bit about why you created BarnaChic? 

BC: BarnaChic was born after good friends of mine insisted I start a project of my own. As a child I loved the whole world of fashion – catwalks and designers – along with my daily ritual of flipping through magazines and documenting this world of fashion and trends. October 2012 I decided to start this adventure. Zero regrets. And I encourage all those who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to turn your hobby into something more to go for it!


A: And Barcelona?

BC: I chose to write about Barcelona to address a specific target and focus on a specific topic. Besides being my hometown, Barcelona is such a cosmopolitan capital full of glam and touches upon so many artistic industries, including fashion.

A: How would you describe the style of your blog? Where do you pull inspiration?

BC: BarnaChic follows a very clear and simple style featuring the current trends, beauty tips, charming shops and the countless charismatic venues including bars, restaurants, terraces and hotels that Barcelona has to offer. In short, I aim to provide a digital window to all those who want to know more about fashion and trends of the Catalan capital.

It’s a blog inspired by everyday life and in what makes this city come to life, its street style. In combination with my personal style and my passion for writing I pamper each post with continuous enthusiasm in the hopes of growing as a fashion blogger.

Barna Chic

A: Agorique is a major independent fashion fan, so we want to know: Which is BarnaChic’s emerging designer to follow?

BC: At 080 Barcelona  I found that there were certainly some interesting and distinguishable collections, however and unfortunately, many Barcelona emerging designers aren’t necessarily featured in these high profiled events and really their collections are beautiful.

I couldn’t pin point one designer in particular, there are a number of them that I think are fantastic and are one’s to watch!


A: You cover a ton of events, what’s the quintessential fashion event for anyone interested in this world?

BC: One of the cornerstones of the fashion blogging world and as editor is discovering new brands, meeting influencers and going deeper into the sector than your average every day exposure. In the case of BarnaChic, 080 Barcelona fashion shows and ​​trade events at The Brandery are critical to understand and visualize the fashion landscape in Barcelona.



A: Let’s talk about what you’re wearing this summer, what trends are you highlighting?

BC: Denim, bright colors and pastels. But each season has its own essence with its different concepts and I think the best part about that is the mixing and matching between seasons for countless day-to-day looks. Welcome diversity into our closets!




A: How would you describe your own style? 

BC: My own style … hard to say. I’m guided depending on the occasion, but comfort and elegance is my main priority. I try to combine must-have pieces of the season with wardrobe basics like jeans and white t-shirt.


A: You never leave the house without ….

BC: I never leave home without my Bimba & Lola makeup case! You never know where you’re going to end the day, and a touch of color can provide a completely different look.

A: Let’s talk about past and future, what were your best projects and what new surprises are in store BarnaChic readers?

BC: To continue growing I definitely need patience, effort and enthusiasm which I think are the basic tools to conquer the present and the future of BarnaChic. It’s also important to be optimistic and have a very open mind and share the wealth of knowledge! We live in the era of networking!


 Definitely one of the best projects was the collaboration with emerging designers BRAS. They were the first to support BarnaChic, there will be more news of their new collections coming soon.

Also I’m currently working on highlighting more designers. They struggle every day to gain a foothold in an industry that is always growing.


Thanks Elisabeth!


TIPS from the Social Media Experts: 5 Tips to Grow and Engage your Blog Audience

Posted by: Rebecca Bosanquet

You’ve got an amazing boutique or you’re a talented designer with a beautiful collection. Maintaining a fresh and attractive blog is essential in order increase your brand awareness and engage your readers. But how can you get people to take notice, attract new readers and keep them interested?

A few weeks ago, we spoke to renowned style blogger Soraya Bakhtiar whose impressive blog strategy has enabled her to grow her readership to over 14,000 readers in less than a year. Impressive. Today we are going to bring you a combination of her tips as well as some extra pointers from AGORIQUE members on how to stand out from the blogger crowd and build a network of loyal followers who will keep coming back for more.

Soraya Bakhtiar

1. Create a Clear and Concise Bio

AGORIQUE member and London luxury scarf label ABO London hits the nail on the head with their about section which includes info about their background, experience and personality.

ABO London

2. New is Key

Although you may not necessarily be creating new products on a regular basis, having a blog feed on your website is a fantastic way to get people coming back. One way of ensuring constant content is to include a section such as ‘this weeks top picks’ section on your blog. Stunning UK jewellery label astrid & miyu do this and readers love checking out their latest creations.

astrid and miyu

3. Link to Other Social Media Outlets

Linking your blog to your Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter helps to increase readership. Kirsten Goss does this by including her Tumblr images on the inspiration section of her blog and inviting readers to follow her at the daily goss to see pictures from behind the scenes on her ad her team’s travels across the globe. Social media is the most cost effective way of getting your brand out there. So play around with the different outlets to see which one is right for your message and purpose then link it back to your blog.

daily goss

4. Create your own Content

If you are struggling with content, you should make sure you let your personality shine through by telling your story (e.g sourcing, product shots, and photo coverage of pop up shops and events) to help engage with your audience while also involving them. AGORIQUE member luxury jewellery label astrid & miyu interact with their readers by interviewing influential people in the fashion industry and asking questions that readers can also comment on. In an interview with Laura from YSL Beauté they ask her how she would personally wear and style her favourite astrid & miyu collection. This is a great way of engaging with readers and adding a personal touch. Also, as Soraya suggests you should always try to answer the comments that people leave on your blog.

astrid and miyu

Another great way of letting the personality of your brand shine through is by including a behind the scenes section on your blog like astrid & miyu. This section can include photos and information about the people working for the brand as well as behind the scenes event coverage.

astrid and miyu

5. Make Friends and Collaborate!

Meaningful collaborations between your blogs, other blogs and websites is a great way of increasing readership as it opens you up to new audiences and allows others to endorse your products. A great method of collaborating is by including interviews. Soraya is the queen of interviews and recommends always using hashtags and labeling all the brands and items you’re featuring or talking about, allowing people to find you.

Soraya Bakhtiar

Another great way of collaborating is to appear in the blogs like that of youngbritishdesigners.com which include features such as ‘One to Watch’. It’s important to get your pieces seen by bloggers and get them mentioned on other blogs…Just like AGORIQUE member label Borne by Elise Berger who appeared in the ‘The Things I Love’ from guest blogger Robin.

The Things I Love

If you would like to have your collection or store featured in the AGORIQUE blog or have any extra tips we would love to hear from you and help you to grow your brand. Email us at press@agorique.com. Thanks!