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Posted by: Véronique Eshaya


Maëlle de la Forge’s collection Des Noms d’Oiseaux (The Names of Birds) is rich both in meaning and aesthetics. Each piece is made with exclusive techniques and holds a story that  reflects its owner’s identity.

Agorique had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with Maëlle about her inspirations, the presence of poetry around us, what is in store for the future and her protagonist character; the bird. Read on to get a snippet of this designer’s story.

A: What makes De La Forge stand out?

DLF: I guess being self-taught gives me a new vision for jewelry. Whatever the technical difficulties,  I don’t put barriers to creativity and I go through with a project without hesitation! I love the challenge that comes with finding the technical solutions to put in volume what I have put on paper. It is for this reason that we were able to develop new exclusive techniques. I like to think that it is this vision that sets us apart from others.

Bague Corneille

A: Can you talk to us about your collection Des Noms d’Oiseaux?  Tell us about your protagonist character in your collection, the bird.  Where did this inspiration come from?

DLFI grew up in the countryside, and I think how we perceive the world is strongly rooted by the environment of our childhood. The visual rhythms and volumes that can be observed in nature, both in the plant and animal world, fascinate me.

The bird is a rich animal in its respect and is a vast source of inspiration! This is also why the collection Des Noms d’Oiseaux is structured around a unique character, but the mediums of creation are multiple: sculpture, prints, and metal lace pattern. Motifs and volumes mingle around a paradox; the weight of lightness.

Barette Orfraie

A: You describe your collection as “une collection poétic”, what is the message you are conveying with your jewelry?

DLF: Poetry is present in everything around us. It is the emotion provoked by a meeting, a song, a painting… This emotion tells a story that I’m trying to restore through my jewelry. Each piece tells a unique story, and the jewelry becomes an accessory of identity.

Barrette Paruline

A: What is your best seller? What is your favorite piece?

DLF: This is a difficult question because it depends on each person’s personality. People get affected differently and each piece has its own story. I would say that the Manchette Alouette is our top product, this is a gem made from exclusive technology. The piece is surprisingly light and delicate, and I think it is its modernity and poetry that make it appealing.

Personally I cannot choose which is my favorite item, there is a little of me in every piece.

Manchette Alouette

A: Your studio is based in Paris, what’s your favorite café is in the city?

DLF: My favorite restaurant is Le Robinet d’Or: a hotel / cafe / restaurant that has a very serene atmosphere. This restaurant is a bubble in Paris with a beautiful ambiance. It is a mixture of different styles put together in a single location.


A: Tell us how you envision the De La Forge woman? To which events is she wearing De La Forge?

DLF: The De La Forge woman is inspired, and is inspiring! This is a woman who has mastered the art of re-inventing herself, and her personality is reflected in the jewelry she chooses to wear every moment in a given day.

A: Any current projects/collaborations you can share with our readers?

DLF: I can give you a lead on the next collection: after having my head in the clouds, I now have my feet in the water.

Pendentif Tisserin

Your creations are exquisite, and we are eager to see what you come up with next! Merci beaucoup Maëlle!

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  1. wow…!The De La Forge woman is inspired, and is inspiring! she is mastered the art of re-inventing herself, and her personality is reflected in the jewelry she chooses to wear every moment in a given day.

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