Q&A With 0770

Posted by: Véronique Eshaya

This week we had the opportunity to talk with the designers behind 0770 design – a team in which its philosophy is built from the past. Read on to learn about their inspirations for this season, and find out why every women should own a laser cut Leather Necklace art 003!

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A: What is the statement you are expressing through your S/S 2013 collection?

0770: The collection S/S 2013 is the beginning of our combination of male and female fashion. The fabrics are all borrowed from male tailoring. Forms and Volumes have often been inspired by the male wardrobe.

A: On your website you mention that you browse through the past for ideas, what is it about the past that you find most inspiring?

0770: In reality it is our creative philosophy that is built from the past – from the Renaissance in particular. For us, different art forms can not be separated. In the Renaissance, the painter or sculptor was also a set designer or engineer, such as Leonardo da Vinci. This is because we work in the theater, but not for this reason we abandoned our fashion dream.

A: I’ve read that your pieces are inspired by literature, photography, theater and paintings – is there an art work in particular that gave you a burst of creativity to design this collection? If so, which one?

0770: This collection was inspired by the “philosophy” of the dandy. The beauty, elegance and originality. We have tried to bring these ideas to the contemporary age.

A: The laser cut Leather Necklace art. 003 is a very bold and stunning piece of clothing– tell us why every woman should have one.

0770: Because it complements many outfits, and it captures attention!

A: Who is the woman you have in mind when designing?

0770: We often think of what kind of woman would love our clothes. We always think she is a very strong woman with so many strong passions and interests. As an artist, a curator, a journalist or an architect.

A: Can you discuss the concept and the mood behind the F/W 2013-2014 collection? 

0770: Once again, the man. This time the inspiration was from cinema of the 50s; specifically the Italian neo-realism. We wanted to represent an elegant man like Mastroianni. The tailoring of clothes makes them precious. We wanted to showcase, through the the clothes, the elegance that seems to be lost, that of simplicity.

A: What is the vision you have for your brand in the future?

0770: We think we can emerge. Bring our project far.

Good luck with everything 0770! Thank you for talking with us!

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