Q&A with Parme Marin

Posted by: Véronique Eshaya

It is difficult not to fall in love with Parme Marin’s bold jewelry in which each piece is unique and eye catching in its own way.

Meet the designer behind these works of art – find out what materials she uses, where she finds these pieces and her favorite places to hang out in New York City! Parme has been through quite a remarkable journey and truly makes you believe in destiny!

A: Tell us about your start in designing jewelry.

PM: I started creating my own jewelry because I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere. Every time I wore the jewelry I made, people would ask me where it was from (my friends or random people in the streets) – so I began to sell them. One day I was at a Birthday party in New York and I was wearing one of my pieces. I met this very nice girl who asked me about my necklace. Three days later she contacted me again to ask me if she could borrow all the pieces that I had for a shooting for Vogue Italy. Imagine my surprise when I read the email!

A few months later my pieces were featured in the magazine.

After this I decided to create my own company. Sometimes you have to believe in destiny.


A: You design such beautiful statement pieces – can you tell us about your selected materials?

PM: What I really like is to divert things. My goal is to use materials that are not usually used for jewelry; like bones, horns, feathers, horsehair or buttons. I love raw textures.

Furthermore, I have always been obsessed with leather. It has a soft side but also a very powerful one.

Masque I

A: Where do you find the most unique objects in the world?

PM: During my travels; in markets and tiny shops. The most unique objects often come from Flea markets!

Plastronomie II

A: What is your favorite city, and what do you find most inspirational about this place?

PM: With no hesitation I would say NYC – a city where you can be 100% yourself without being judged, and you are surrounded by creative people. I also like the geometric and rough side of this city.

Marrakesh also inspires me a lot – the colors and the textures are pretty captivating.

Plastronomie I

A: Your favorite restaurant/café/spot in NYC?

PM: My favorite spot is “All good things”. It’s a place where you can buy flowers, bread, have a drink or a bite of fresh and very healthy food. The atmosphere is great, the owner is a sweet heart and the location is cool.

My favorite shop is called Fabulous Fanny’s. It’s a vintage shop in the east village (they have clothing but also the most original and unexpected glasses )

Every time I go to NY I book classes at AQUA STUDIO. It’s the first aqua cycling studio in NY! The space is absolutely stunning and the concept is amazing!

Pochettes Africaines

A: In your collection, which is your bestseller? How do you style it?

PM: The bestseller is Plastronomie III. It is a great piece, very different from what we are used to see and you can be sure that people will notice you when you wear it.

You can actually wear it with everything and throughout all seasons with a white T shirt, a black dress or a turtleneck.

Plastronomie III

A: Can you tell us about the Parme Marin women?

PM: Parme Marin Women are strong, independent  with great personalities. They know what they want. They are elegant but with a tiny touch of craziness.

They don’t necessarily work in fashion, they can be architects, photographers or work in finance but they want to show their personality throughout the way they dress up.

Blue Note

A: Any current projects/collaborations you can share with our readers?

PM: I am actually working on several projects, but I can’t really talk about them. I can only tell you that Parme Marin Jewelry will be doing a co-branding will a very cool and elegant French clothing brand.

Looking forward to know which French brand you will be co-branding with! Thank you for your time Parme Marin!

To keep up with Parme, follow Parme Marin Jewelry on Facebook today!


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