Today we introduce AGORIQUE’S very first WHO STYLED IT BEST? competition! Each month we will feature one designer’s collection styled by a select number of fashion bloggers and it will be up to you to vote for who YOU think styled it best.

BONUS Each voter will be automatically entered to WIN a product from the featured designer!

Are you a fashion blogger? Want to join the competition? Email us at press@agorique.com

Picture1LDN LOGOLDN Image2

LOUVE DE NORDNEG is our featured May designer. The brand was created by French native and London based designer Sofi Fantaiziuk. Louve’s scarves are an undeniable mix of art, design and fashion. You’re invited to interpret the intricate patterns she creates as each digitally imprinted scarf feels like a representation of the Rorschach test. Each photo procured comes from a carefully calculated mix of delicate mediums collected over time.

LDN Image

Please meet our 4 stunning fashion bloggers, experts in all things trends and styling, romantic cafes, lifestyle music and food…

AINHOAALBAAMANDANATALIANow it’s up to you to decide WHO STYLED IT BEST! Vote here and enter to WIN one of Louve de Nordneg’s scarves!


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