Galliano’s Short-Lived Teaching Career

Posted by: Rachel Iwaniec

After much debate, it appears that the public is not ready to forgive John Galliano.  On Tuesday of this past week, Parsons the New School for Design retracted its invitation to Mr. Galliano to teach a four-day master class in the coming semester. The school described the workshop as an opportunity for students to have an intimate conversation with the controversial designer, which was to include discourse of his ultimate demise in the fashion industry.

In addition to students’ outrage at the possibility of Mr. Galliano teaching at Parsons, a spokesperson for the school claimed that the size and make-up of the class was the ultimate issue that “broke the camel’s back”, so to speak. Apparently, the two parties could not find a middle ground. At the end of the day, none of us are surprised to hear that both Parsons and Mr. Galliano acknowledged that such an event was probably not such a good idea. With too much at stake for both parties, it looks like it will take a bit longer until Mr. Galliano can come out of hiding.


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