Q&A with Saako: Mediterranean Essence

Posted by: Verónica Maya

Versatile, handcrafted and unique….Saako is the brand that brings age old Portuguese artisan traditions to the present day fashionista of Barcelona with fun and easy-to-wear Mediterranean necklace designs.

AGORIQUE had the chance to get to know them and the secret behind their distinctive accessory designs.

A: What is Saako? Where did the brand name come from?

S: Saako came about when the paths of four talented individuals crossed out of pure chance in an apartment in the Gótico area of Barcelona.


Saako was the name chosen by our designers but it doesn’t really have any specific meaning, we give it our own meaning really.


A: What makes Saako designs so special?

S: Saako pieces are specially made and not mass produced in factories; our designs are the result of a handcrafted process. They are all limited edition because the materials used are reused cotton which makes our brand an environmentally sustainable.


Our designs are inspired by simple day-to-day life but that doesn’t make them any less special. These are the things that inspire us here at Saako.

A: Can you tell us a bit about the current Saako SS13 collection?

S: The new SS13 collection is inspired by the Mediterranean. The photo shoot took place on a beach just outside of Barcelona and it was fantastic because the entire Saako team was able to attend!

INDIE 1 summer 13+logo

MIA 4 summer 13 + logo

RUMBA 1 summer 13+logo

This collection is full of summery tones and designs for women who want to look great even when lounging on the beach. The headscarves Mia and Indie are our star pieces from this collection and have been really popular with our fans.

A: You have a number of different styles in each collection, which we love! From your lines, what would you say is Saako’s staple product?

SCARF 7 summer 13+logo

S: The Scarflace piece is our most classic piece regardless of the season because it is great for both summer and winter. We have several different versions for the each collection.


A: Who is the Saako girl? Can you describe her style on a night out with her girl friends?

S: She is confident and sure of herself and likes to add a special something to her style using innovative pieces from our collection. She is easygoing, natural and above all stylish!

chica saako

A: Any new projects pr collaborations in the pipeline?

S: We recently did a collaboration with the trainer shop Sivasdescalzo and Reebok and had some amazing results which are coming soon via our social networks! Stay Tuned!


SAAKO is always open to new possibilities and collaborations so we will definitely be seeing more of this.

A: Speaking of the future, could you give us a little preview of the FW1314 collection?

S: It’s a powerful collection which will definitely leave you gobsmacked! We have innovated on a lot of the designs and given the image of our brand a real twist. You will have to wait and see 😉

A: What is Saako’s motto?

S: Create, create and create some more.

Thanks Saako! Loved catching up!

Check out Saako’s SS13 Collection here and follow them on Facebook and Twitter today.


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