Surfs Up! The Surfer Culture

Posted by: Rachel Iwaniec

As many of you probably already know, from your stint as a surfer or pretending to be one to get a surfer, the laid back lives of these gods and goddesses is very laid back to the extent that laces or evening wear is not required. If you are anything like me, the winter has gone on too long and such a lifestyle is looking good from this side of the pastures.


The warm weather might not be here quite yet, but there is no need to keep your feet waiting in vain.  While Céline caught on to the desire for the perfect casual, laid-back flat a season or two ago, some of us are just becoming aware of such magical and essential footwear. 

céline footwear

Enter the signature slip-on rehabilitated in all variations of fabrics, color ways, and price.  Pairing such beauties with just about anything brings style to a comfortable level where toes are not scrunched into the bottom of your shoe or heels are crying for help.



tory burch

The use of materials such as leather, cowhide, embellishments and more has lifted, what was associated solely with surf culture, to both a day and night accessory to a wide range of ensembles. 



Here are some of the various renditions of the once oh so simple sneaker-flat-amalgamation. 




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