SS13 TREND ALERT: Pointed Shoes

Posted by: Verónica Maya

Danger. Mind the POINTED SHOE!

Today we’re hopping into a monumentally feminine trend for this Spring, the shoe with a tip.


Every designer offered us with their personal take on this trend so let’s take a look at them.

Starting with Christian Louboutin a master in shoe craftsmanship and a favourite right at the top of most womens’ most desired list. The first model we fell in love with was the PIGALLE. A shoe for every taste thanks to the range of colours and textures.

pointed shoes3

shoes lo

But if you are looking for something different here you have not just one but four models to choose from!


pointed shoes4

pointed shoes4

DUVETTE. In both black and nude.

pointed shoes5

pointed shoes6


pointed shoes7

pointed shoes8

Another designer who creates shoe art with his hands is MANOLO BLAHNIK.

His well known MARIE JANE model gives us a touch of feminine sweetness and perfection.

pointed shoes9

And if you’re looking for something a little more daring you could give these incredible models a go. As modeled by Carrie on Sex and the city!

pointed shoes12

pointed shoes11

But if you prefer more of a rock star style VALENTINO will be just right for you in both flat and heel models you are sure to fall in love with the ROCK STUD models.

Sin título-2

And some others including Dior, YSL and Lanvin…

pointed shoes16

pointed shoes17

pointed shoes19
What’s your pointed shoe poison of the season?


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