Posted by: Verónica Maya

Sweet, daring, innovative, classic are just a few of the words we can use to describe the LASER CUT trend for SS13-14. This is a trend that can be adapted to any style and to complement any piece.


We all remember seeing it throughout Louis Vuitton’s S/S12 collection, both on the runway and his amazing carrousel parade where the laser cut filled outfits added a touch of innocence and elegance.


As you can see this S/S13 LASER CUT knows no limits. It is literally everywhere! Lets take a look at the different LASER CUT designs we saw on the runways Starting with DRESSES which were a key piece.

Christian Dior





LASER CUT  didn’t stop there however designers let their imaginations run wild


These fantastic SKIRT and TOP designs were full of LASER CUT.

Michael Kors

LASER CUT didn’t stop there however designers let their imaginations run wild.

Dona Karan

Roberto Cavalli

For true LASER CUT fans, how about adding an accessory to your collection?


LASER CUT really took the industry by storm on the runways of S/S13.


Designers used all different kinds of sizes, materials and hole sizes to create different effects. Some pieces were given a full transparent effect using many small holes or larger and fewer holes which gave the fabrics more of a ‘ripped’ look.  When it came to the material used there was also no stopping designers, with everything from leather to cotton and for the most daring even a wicker look (in the case of Balmain).


Now it’s time for LASER CUT  to take over your wardrobe!


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