Q&A with Style Blogger Soraya Bakhtiar

Posted by: Rebecca Bosanquet

Easter is upon us and we have a special treat for you….we caught up with ultimate blogger Soraya Bakhtiar whose stunning style blog has been featured in numerous international Vogue articles as well as the New York Times and Grazia. If that wasn’t enough Soraya has also contributed to Olivia Palermo’s blog and was recently appointed PR Coordinator for Elie Saab in Switzerland. Wowza.

Soraya Bakhtiar

With over 14k+ followers on instagram and almost 5k likes on facebook, Soraya Bakhtiar has a voice that the industry and fashion consumers really pay attention too. She uses this voice and her stunning style to showcase the emerging fashion talent that she is most passionate about. Soraya gave us an exclusive interview to fill us in on her passion for emerging designers and what’s hot right now in the fashion world….

Soraya Bakhtiar

A: As you know AGORIQUE is a huge fan and supporter of all things encompassing independent fashion and with so many talented designers out there, what do you love about independent designers and how do you select the ones you highlight on your blog?

SB: I love promoting emerging designers because they are the future. They have a strong voice and they are truly passionate about what they do. In terms of blogging, it’s very interesting for me to promote new talents as it makes me feel more special and unique and I’m able to share my discoveries with my readers, which is also very interesting for the designers in terms of feedback and exposure. They have a strong voice and they are truly passionate about what they do.

Most of the time, the emerging designers come to me to get promoted. If I like what they’re doing and if it corresponds to my personal style, we collaborate. The rest of the time, I dig a little bit. I find them on my travels usually or during trunk shows while I’m at the fashion weeks.

A: Who is your favourite emerging designer right now?

SB: I discovered an emerging British brand of ready-to-wear called Three Floor and I completely fell in love with their collection. It gets better and better each season!

Three floor

Carlotta from Hiitu also makes one of a kind headpieces, I completely fell in love with her creations a year ago.


A: How would you describe your fashion sense? Where does your fashion inspiration stem from?

SB: From the street, magazines and blogs. I feel the most inspired when I travel.

Soraya in Mexico

A: In your current wardrobe or accessories rotation, what is your favorite piece?

SB: My zebra coat from Zara! love it. I wear it with jeans, bright colors, it’s really fun and monochrome is very on trend this season.

Zebra coat from Zara

A: If you feel like splurging, your go to brand that will always stock something that you love…

SB: Celine … I love all the handbags and shoes! (keep your eyes peeled for furry Birkenstocks this SS13).

Mink-lined Birkenstock by Céline

A: We see that you were a freelance writer for a number of blogs including Olivia Palermo’s blog, tell us a bit more about that experience.

SB: I no longer work for Olivia Palermo‘s blog and I’ve been so busy with my new job as a PR coordinator for Ellie Saab in Switzerland (in addition to my blog) that I’ve had to let go of my freelance work. But overall, it was a great experience. I come from a fashion journalism background, I did internships in renown magazines such as ELLE and Tank in London. I think that everything I did or that I’m doing right now is opening so many doors for me, so I’m very thankful.

A: Looks like you have a ton of projects going on, what are your latest and greatest projects?

SB: My greatest project was my advertising campaign for Rita & Zia last November, I recently did a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in collaboration with Burberry, which was a lot of fun. But I’m always open to new ventures….

Soraya modelling Rita & Zia

A: Your SS13 must have piece?

SB: Something clear… Clear sunglasses, plastic/pvc bag or clutch, or even shoes. It’s easy to wear and very in this summer!

Emilio Pucci PVC trenchcoat

Thanks Soraya for a your time, can’t wait to see what your next move is!



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