The “IT” Spring Dictionary

Posted by: Verónica Maya 

Do you speak the SS13 lingo?

The much awaited Spring season is finally upon us and with it comes the bandana, draughts print and hula hoop skirt…plus an endless list of terms that you must know to navigate the key trends for SS13. Today on Agorique we are giving you the ‘It’ Spring Dictionary so grab a pen and take note…


The most mentioned Key words this Spring are the following:

ABAGNICOThis Spring the Nico Bag is your ideal urban accessory. The trendsetters for this season have taken the Spanish tradition of the “abanico” and turned it into an original bag design perfect for Spring.

ralph_lauren abanicoTake a look at the details of this Ralph Lauren model, would you know how to differentiate this amazing bag from a real Spanish fan? I know I wouldn’t.


Bandana 2The faithful friend of the cowgirl and one of the major ‘it’ accessories of the season. This piece has a Western country feel that took the runway by storm in vivid colours. 

A firm favorite of Marc Jacobs and Dolce Gabbana. Without a shadow of a doubt you can’t be without a headscarf tied around your head this Spring.

Bandana photo

Bath tubDo you remember the copper bath tubs from the 20th Century? They were the inspiration behind this neckline for this Spring season.

bañera lanvin 2 pho

The sense of volume in these pieces gives them a discreet and romantic effect which is achieved by rods hidden in strapless seams.


DraughtThis is one of the major prints for this season! The print style emulates that of a draughts board and that’s just where the term comes from.

In shorts, frock coatd and handbags you will notice this trend hitting the streets in their bicolour form.


              egoMe, Myself and I. Labels Victor&Rolf and Jean Paul Gauthier have printed their labels as HUGE as possible. This season is not about being discrete.

Ego image

GLADIATORThe gladiator of the 21st century has arrived and with it come the fantastic roman sandal designs which have been taking the runways by storm. Not to mention the feminine effect achieved by adding a heel of 15cm.


graceThis season has turned into a homage to the disco diva! Grace was undoubtedly the inspiration behind the 80’s style we saw walking down the catwalk.

80 Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gauthier shows us just how to unleash our inner diva.

Grace Jones


The rhomboid print was a firm favourite for this season which takes the harlequin look which is characteristic of Italian comedy from the 16th century is reinvented for your Spring wardrobe.

arlequin Balmain

hopp skirtThe mystic María Antonieta, showed us her love for the hoop skirt.

Miriñaque DOLCE&GABBANAThe coned structure that was used in skirts in the 18th century is back in a new modern muslin twist. Just as exaggerated, just as splendid.


hula hoopKarl Lagerfeld takes us by surprise once again! This Spring we are encouraged to stop counting calories and to start using the hula hoop bag. The hula hoop is the essential element of Chanel’s new bag design.

hullahoop chanel

irisdescenceThe first rays of sun are always the most cherished, which is captured by the iridescent effect of these Spring designs.  

Tornasolado 2 BURBERRY PRORSUMThe metallic fabric dazzles us with the gold, copper and silver looks we can see this Spring turning us into mystic goddesses with shining layers and authentic sirens with this tube dress.

irisdence 2

ORIGAMIThe traditional Japanese art of paper folding is surging this season. Masterful frills come in geometric figures in a number of collections.

Check out the origami inspiration behind Prada and Anthony Vaccarello designs


TWINSSeeing double? You first saw them on the amazing runways of Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton.

TWINS IMBut just like no 2 drops of water are identical, the difference can be seen in the details.

We hope you paid close attention because Spring is officially here and it’s time to put this theoretical class into practice!


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