Inspiring Fashion From Milan to NYC

Posted by: Rebecca Bosanquet

This week we have a double whammy for you with the best pick of emerging designers from not just one but two international fashion hubs! We scoured the trade shows that accompanied the Fashion Weeks of both New York and Milan in order to bring you the six labels that you cannot afford to miss out on.


At the New York Trade Show event Capsule we discovered designers who all had something truly special to add to your wardrobe and your life. The first was Jonathan Simkhai with his FW1314 collection which he designed with the objective of amplifying our good mood and positively altering our perception. It sounds like a lot to aim for but taking a look at his designs you can see he is hitting the nail on the head.

Jonathan Simkhai

The pieces are so effortless, fresh and sporty that you could practically live in them. This is majorly feel good fashion which Jonathon obviously designed with women in mind.

Jonathan Simkhai

Bright two tone pieces like this bring sunshine to your life. The mood lifting effect doesn’t just come from the colors however, premium quality leather with hand painted and quilted finish make these the ultimate go-to items for an instant boost.

Jonathan Simkhai

Unearthen is another label that brings us life enhancing fashion. Crystals are well known for their positive energy giving properties but this label established in 2007 goes beyond that by offering us jewelry that not only looks stunning but also brings you strength, health and happiness.

unearthenIn her latest FW13 collection, Gia plays with raw and cut crystals bringing a uniquely industrial but elegant touch to her pieces.

unearthen 6

Continuing on through the aisles at Capsule it was clear to see that feel good was the theme. The Jo label was formed when 3 good friends got together and decided to follow their passion by creating a handbag label. We caught up with one of the founders who explained that their collections are inspired by a deconstructive and rugged yet classic and sophisticated look.


All handcrafted in Mexico Jo pieces have minimal embellishments and use materials such as boot leather, wax canvas, brass and woven vinyl to maintain the rustic and authentic look and feel.


Koza was an inspiration. A brand that encapsulates all that we love about travel, luxury and freedom, which is perhaps why it is a favorite with vacationers in the Hamptons.


The colors and fabric make for the perfect additions to your travel kit. Made from hand loomed silk, wool and cotton in India in crisp refreshing mint and blue tones, the Koza travel set is definitely on our wish list.


Next it was ciao New York and buongiorno Milano as we jetted over to the Milan trade show events White Milano and Pitti Super.

White Milano

The first brand we fell in love with was Charline de Luca which has been turning heads and has already won the Vogue award for who’s next in shoe designs and was featured in a fashion installation at Saks on Fifth Avenue New York.

Charline de Luca

De Luca’s Fw13-14 collection is inspired by the works of modern artist Lucio Fontana whose works is characterized by cuts and punctures.

'Concept Spatiale' Lucio Fontana

DSC_0111Her new pieces stay loyal to this cut, slit and blade characteristic giving the designs a consistently sexy and dangerous quality that we love. De Luca’s signature heel is something she includes in all of her collections, here you can see the Khalo piece from her SS12 collection. This really seems like the heel of the future.


If the theme in New York was feel good fashion, Milan was the future of fashion as we visited the stand of Selina Cheong a designer from the UK who is paving the way for designers of the future with her green eco leather designs.

Picture2We found her design and production process pretty fascinating as she told us she that local artisans in London help her with the production and she uses left over leather to create her gorgeous bags.

Picture3Perhaps even more out of this world is the bag (below) which is made using the left over leather from the Pirates of the Caribbean film. You can’t really get more of an intriguing story and to top it all off the handbag is amazing.


The last brand we spoke to was Res Nullius which means “things owned by no one”. The people behind the brand were (from left to right) Marta, Irene & Masashi who became friends after meeting at Fashion School in Rome.

Res nullius

The collection is made up entirely of blue, white, black and khaki with a product assortment ranging from formal dresses to bathing suits. There is a clean cut feel that is consistent throughout the pieces.

Picture1The inspiration for the collection comes from the beauty and glamour of the Amalfi coast of Italy. The designers stay true to their inspiration by keeping all design and production within Italy and that’s why we love emerging designers like Res Nullius so much. Ultimately wearing something that is the authentic expression of the passion and heritage of someone can never be anything less than a pleasure.


In addition to the amazing pieces we saw in Milan and New York the designers also filled us in about fashion initiatives that are blessing the fashion industry by supporting independent designers. Jonathan Simkhai is one of only 10 emerging designers  in New York’s CFDA Fashion Incubator. Selina Cheong told us about a great UK  organization,, that subsidizes her stand and provided translators. Thanks to fashion organizations like these we continue to see inspirational emerging designers and their works of art at shows like Capsule, Pitti Super and White.



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