Look around and you will see that stores are bursting at the seams with our favorite trend: STRIPES.

rallas ingles buenoLet’s take a look at the high street’s take on the STRIPES trend. Stores are stocked full of stripes at the moment and that’s due to its popularity on the  runway last Fall. The collection with the highest volume of striped pieces was none other than Marc Jacobs’. Swoon.

stripes1 stripes2 stripes3 stripes4 stripes5 stripes6

He dared to take STRIPES to a new level with a lot of variation in the color and type of stripe, as well as the use in a variety of pieces. Take note!

He wasn’t the only one as several other fashion houses also went for STRIPES in their fabrics.

stripes7 stripes9 stripes8

Getting back to the subject, this fab trend is already up for grabs in stores, as many high street retailers have been offering us their take on STRIPES, enabling us to stay up to date with the latest trends with pieces like…

Zara has one of the best selections for this trend.

stripes10 stripes11


Meanwhile, down undah, check out the amazing Miranda Kerr and her striped trousers. Mango isn’t being left behind announcing the launch of their SS13 collection.


Ladies and Gents! Make space in your wardrobe because stripes are here!


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