M-Commerce: A Step Beyond E-Commerce

Posted by: Verónica Maya

Most of us have at some point or other done online shopping or taken a look at the latest trends on their tablet or smartphone. What you may not know is that shopping online for clothes and accessories is in the top 10 most popular categories of mobile shopping. This way of shopping is an ideal tool in the fashion industry as it creates a place where you can find retailers, designers and fashion consumers all under one roof. 


How does this type of shopping differ from e-commerce?

As mentioned last week, the power of e-commerce has changed the retail sector massively by offering us with fine-tuned search tools and practical solutions for every occasion. However m-commerce goes beyond this by offering the e-commerce experience from anywhere and at literally any time.

What benefits can m-commerce technology bring to retail?

  1. A boost in sales. 20% of online traffic to retailers comes from mobiles.
  2. Increased awareness. Increasing your online presence and attracting new    potential clients.
  3. Engagement. Consumers spend 82 minutes a day on their Smart phones. That is 29,930 minutes a year that you could be using to chat personally with your consumer

It’s a much more convenient way of shopping, as long as the company using the technology is able to adapt and take advantage of the possibilities that m-commerce has to offer.

For example, Burberry is an innovative company and was one of the first of its kind to offer m-commerce with their app for iPhone and Android which has a “click to buy” and store locator service so customers can find their nearest Burberry store wherever they are. Don’t you just love the idea of bringing clients to your store via their mobiles?

Burberry Retail Theatre

Burberry went even further by creating their ‘Retail Theatre’ app especially for London Fashion Week. This iPad app invited customers to look at the luxury brand’s collection for SS11 live on the runways. The app also enabled customers to make real time purchases from the comfort of their home or wherever they happened to be using the app.

Another fine example is the All-American ready-to-wear brand Ralph Lauren. Their app not only allows you to purchase dresses but also to try them before buying using their virtual dressing room app4 stars from the App Store


But if you want to start off little by little, how about starting by offering a single campaign like Net-a-porter did? For the launch of the low cost line by Karl Lagerfeld Net-A-Porter created an iPhone application complete with games and competitions with prizes of up to £1000 and the possibility for additional content. For the more creatives out there, they also had an app for creating a ‘Karl-ified’ look which was then uploaded to the website so Karl himself could vote for his favourite from the selection of ‘Karl-ified’ looks. 


The campaign was a huge success and many pieces from the collection quickly became a sellout. The app also provided the label with publicity as it appeared in features for magazines like Vogue.

Finally, we all know the fast fashion brand Zara but do you know about their smart phone app? Zara is a great example of m-commerce and mobile shopping. Their app offers their lookbook as well as an m-commerce shop.

mobile web

These apps are a great temptation for all fashion lovers and m-commerce seems to be becoming more than just a trend, but almost a way of life for fashion commerce. If you aren’t already on it, we highly suggest a move to the mobile side of retailing.


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