Madrid Fashion Week’s EGO Pop Up Shop

Posted by: Rebecca Bosanquet

We have literally been nonstop these last few weeks rushing around Europe in order to bring you the best of Europe’s biggest Fashion Weeks. This week we have a treat for you straight from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid where we got up close and personal with four of Spain’s most talented emerging designers at the pop up shop event EGO Madrid.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

This week, we are bringing you crucial insights from designers Antonio Posadas, Maria Roch, Victor Von Schwars and Leire Laparra as they give us the low down on what inspires them and how they use events like EGO to grow despite the crisis and the myriad of challenges that independent designers face right now.

EGO Madrid

We were really amazed by the talent of Antonio Posadas and his know-how when it comes to promoting his label. In the past he used emerging designer events such as Trending Madrid and Murcia Open Design to get his designs seen by the world and says EGO is a great opportunity for up and coming designers to promote their brand.

Antonio Posadas

Antonio’s current collection is inspired by the sobriety of Orthodox Judaism and in particular the kosher concept.

Antonio Posadas

This shirt and skirt outfit are his favourite pieces from the collection because they perfectly encapsulate this concept and respect that he has for the Jewish tradition of always prioritizing quality and never combining natural and synthetic fabric.

Antonio Posadas

Up close with these pieces they seem to almost illuminate themselves and you can really see how much attention Antonio has paid to the quality and colour of the fabric and intricate details of his pieces.

Leile laparra

Leire Laparra’s designs were jam packed with colour and energy which contrasts with the delicate sobriety of Antonio’s pieces and illustrates just how much variety Spanish designers have to offer right now!

San Sebastian colours

Leire’s collection incorporates a mixture of Womens Ready to Wear, Accessories and Footwear all inspired by the colour and shapes of her much loved home town San Sebastian. The beauty and energy of San Sebastian can be felt throughout Leire’s collection but particularly in the vivid blue piece which she is holding above. This piece is made from a special fabric that she sourced from London. Travelling for Leire forms a key part of her design process as she always searches for the best quality fabrics from around the world.


The sharp colours of many of her pieces also contrast with other amazing monochrome pieces like this layered effect shirt dress piece. Leire told us that she doesn’t currently have an online shop and so relies on events like EGO to create buzz for her brand as well as get promotion in social media and press. It’s also a vital platform where she meets a majority of her buyers, mainly French.

Victor Von Schwarz

Victor Von Schwars was at EGO here showcasing his third collection that has an air of oriental mystery about it inspired by the Japanese legend Yuki-onna or the Lady of the Snow. The transparent lace dress he is holding conjures up this romantic image of the Yuki-onna wandering in the snow and is perfect for the coming season’s transparency trend.

Dama de las Nieves

Victor markets his beautiful brand in an ingenious way, using both online platforms such as and selling to stores in Taiwan where he has a large customer base. This is his second time at EGO and this type of event form an important part of his marketing strategy because it enables him to market through a well-established and highly credible fashion event. In addition he is taking the opportunity to travel to Taiwan to further establish his brand and take advantage of the high potential his designs have already shown there.

Maria Roch

Last but certainly not least Maria Roch. Her designs reflect a Spanish quirk and character that differs from the other designers whilst still maintaining the high level of quality consistent throughout EGO. Instead of giving her collections names she prefers to name them using phrases and concepts. Her current collection is entitled ‘Just go out into the open space full of magic and enchantment where man’s hand has not yet damaged the environment’. This earthy and enchanting quality can be seen in all of her pieces.

Maria Roch

One thing is clear … to really experience the passion of these emerging designers and the beauty of their pieces you need to witness it first hand. We highly encourage you all to go visit the next pop up shop coming soon to a Fashion Week near you 🙂


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