Yours, Mine, Ours.

Posted by: Rachel Iwaniec

Yours, Mine, Ours. The NYTimes invites instagrammers to share NYFW14 Snaps


While scrolling down my newsfeed on instagram, as I do first thing every morning, its really my FOMO (fear of missing out) phobia that compels me to make sure im fully updated on the goings-on everwhere outside of my bed, I came across a NYTimes post.

“The New York Times is featuring your instagrams”.

Interesting… the NYTimes is regraming my grams?  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?


I mean I know we all have a selection of filters and edit apps up the wazoo, but are we sure my snap of the top of Ms. Wintour’s perfectly done bob would be NYTimes worthy?

It makes me wonder. Is the NYTimes going to be giving photo cred.  To all of the new NYFW photographers?  Should Tommy Ton, Mr. Streetpeeper, and the rest of the gang be worried?  Will this me an ongoing feature for the NYTimes?


Either way, if anyone at the NYTimes is reading this, which I’m sure its on their top list, feel free to regram any of my photos.  Mi photo es su photo.



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