GÜK: A Scandinavian Experience

Posted by: Verónica Maya

 Last week AGORIQUE had the pleasure of speaking with one of our most Scandinavian of retailers: Gük.

shop 3

Gük is a small scale concept store that’s managed to differentiate itself in Madrid by providing a unique Scandinavian style experience through its amazing collection of designers.

shop 04

A: Firstly, who is behind the Gük team?

G: Currently the team is made up of Gük Angel Sanchez and Guillermo Losada. We share everything, from work and life as well as worries and concerns.

A: Gük is your identity, how did this come about and who is the Gük’s client?

G: Gük is a combination of Basque, which means ¨us¨ and the umlaut reflects the Scandinavian character of the space.

Born in September 2010,  Gük was created with the goal of meeting the needs of a thirty something clientele who likes to dress well and appreciates quality with timeless character and a reasonable price tag. So we decided to bring together all the things that we love and open our own shop in Madrid to share our concept with people who shared our vision.

05 Chaqueta Anerkjendt 59,95€ Camisa Anerkjendt 49,95€ Pantalón Elvine 81,60€

A: Why did you decide to specialize in Scandinavian design? What kind of brands do you include? 

G: We wanted timeless clothing designs with a high level of quality, lasting fashion rather than just a passing trend. Scandinavian design meets all these requirements. The brand “Scandinavia” is the essence of Gük. We like what they do, how they do it and the way they work and live.

03 Jersey Junk de Luxe 100€ Camisa Dr. Denim 48,90€ Pantalón Dr. Denim 69,90€ Botas d.co 112,50€

A: In addition to your awesome fashion and accessories offerings, we see that you also stock items for the home. How do these link to your concept? 

G: Gük is a small-scale concept store. Our philosophy is to provide the customer with an exclusive selection of Scandinavian brands in an open space. We take extra special care of the store ambiance to provide an inviting atmosphere for our client. We pay attention to the store decor, which is constantly modified by us and also for sale. We also stock other objects which co-exist perfectly with fashion on our hangers.

shop 205

A: We first came across Gük at your bricks and mortar shop in Madrid. Where else can we find you?

G: Right now you can find us on Loreto and Enrique Prado Chicote 2, Madrid. Our website, is constantly updated about our products offerings. In addition you can find us on facebook. We don’t currently have an online store, although we have had requests from other cities.

01 Blazer Anerkjendt 109€ Jersey Junk de Luxe 115€ Collar Joti Knot 49€

A: From a retailer point of view, how do you use social networks in the marketing of your concept?

G: Social networks are really important for us. We have a facebook and twitter.

They provide us with a way to maintain direct and fast contact with our customers.  Besides simply “showing” our store we can also present our client with the tastes and preferences of the Gük concept.

A: Do you have any advice about how to keep attracting customers despite the crisis?

For us the key is to constantly search for the best product, both in terms of exclusivity and price. We are really carefully about the brands we select and also try to provide our customers with a wide variety of products to keep them coming back.

Joti Knot Necklaces Simple version 16 sep 20129

Personalized customer service is also essential. We make each customer feel special and unique and we always make sure to offer our customers totally honest advice.

Hšnnunarmars mars 2010Thank you Gük for your tips!


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