Trend Alert SS13: CLUTCH

Posted by: Verónica Maya

Let’s talk about the CLUTCH.

The clutch, which is a large format type of pocketbook, has been revolutionized on the SS13 catwalks. It has been scaled in size, in pattern and in design making it feasible to wear morning, noon and night.

The CLUTCH known for making appearances only at night and only for special occasions is now being strut around town in broad daylight and sans stilettos. We know you’re excited!

So, let’s check out a few of these fabulous accessories…

First, the MAXI CLUTCH of the catwalk, the wallet clutch.

clutch1 clutch2 clutch4

This sort of pocketbook offers us comfort. Thanks to its size it will help us go from day to evening seamlessly. Some enchant us with their additional detail with a long handle to accompany us during our busiest mornings. Thank you Mulberry.

For a more muted-in-size statement, the capsule Clutch is perfect. The smallest of its kind, it’s ideal for a dinner date to bring along our mini essentials while giving a touch of sophistication and mysteriousness to our look. What do we own that could be small enough for us to fit in that bag? Wouldn’t he like to know..

For Louis Vuitton, the essence of the SS13 accessory is the chequered capsule clutch…

clutch8 clutch9 clutch7

Delicious Valentino SS13 clutches  

clutch12 clutch13clutch10clutch11

To pay tribute to CLUTCHES, we must go down a mini second part memory lane of past clutch collections that made a owning a CLUTCH, clutch to own.

Alexander McQueen’s centerpieces…


And in no way we could forget Christian Loboutin’s Clutches

clutch17 clutch19

And finally we end our Clutch gallery with our favorite designer clutches on AGORIQUE

Saveén’s designs are a mixture of exotic leather mixed with the subtlety of handmade finishings.

17 y 18

Looking for a touch of originality in your clutch? Isalda suggests a splash of color mixed with a dash of vinyl acetate for smooth texture and eco-friendly accessories.

Fluority collection 2

However, if you prefer a more customized product, definitely check out Zubi’s Clutches. 


Without a doubt, these new collections will cause a little bit of a frenzy, morning, noon and night 🙂


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