Seven Water Cooler Topics for Fall 2013

Other than the obvious chatter surrounding Alexander Wang ‘s new title as Creative Director at Balenciaga, there are more things to look forward to this coming Spring 2013 Fashion Month.  Here are a few things to mull over or use as conversation starters.

  1. In more recent fashion months attention has turned to what happens off the runway.  Two of the regular spotlight fixtures, Anna dello Russo and Michelle Viola Harper, have kept fashion photographers and bloggers alike busy trying to get the best shot.  Between Anna’s head-to-toe ensembles and Michelle’s wide range of hair dos and wigs we will no doubtedly remain entertained.anna dello russomichelle harper
  2. Regardless of how you feel about him, John Galliano’s partial comeback is definitely something to wait with batted breath.  After his immediate dismissal as creative director of Dior days before the Fall 2011 fashion show, Galliano has stayed under the radar.   Five seasons later, a new twosome is preparing for their debut.  Who would have thought Oscar de la Renta would be the one to reach out to Galliano?  But in today’s age anything goes.  We’ve seen celebrities take over fashion houses, athletes intern for magazines, what could be weird about a new designer duo?  Galliano is expected to assist de la Renta with the last touches of his Fall 13 collection.  The question is will the very distinct attitudes fuse successfully?  But more importantly, will Galliano be granted a second chance?
  3. Street style snaps shots captured at this season’s couture shows promises double the fur hoods and capes galore for this upcoming fall 2013 fashion month.  Today, trends are not only pinpointed on the runway, but also rather come to life on the street.  It becomes a chicken and egg situation where you never know if the trend came from inside the tents or hailing a cab.  Either way prepare to see these articles in all variations.street style
  4. After last season’s drama surrounding some designer’s persnickety attitude towards editorial criticism there is no doubt that we might be seeing a new face being bullied on the playground.  Whose invite will be lost in the mail this season ?cathy horn hedi slimane
  5. Every season one model takes over the runway in all four cities during the fashion month.  Who will it be this season?cara delevingne last seasons top model
  6. Regardless of what the weather may look like outside, we are bound to see certain looks from Spring 13 on the street in multiple adaptations.  What designers do you think will be posing repeat offenses on the street and front row at the shows?  Marc Jacobs, Dries Von Notten, Balenciaga?balenciaga sweatershirt repeat offense
  7. Will anything come from Nicolas Ghesquiere’s cryptic tweet this month?  Should we expect a Star Wars comeback or does the snow trooper helmet have a deeper meaning?  Grace Coddington has insisted that we have not seen the last of the talented designer.  Will he be making an appearance this season?

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