Cross-Culture Couture from Four Corners of the Globe

Posted by: Rebecca Bosanquet

Who’s Next Paris has always supported and promoted the freshest fashion design talent from all over Europe and this year was no different with 85% of designers coming from Europe. However there was also a trend for designers from further flung locations to exhibit with 10% coming from Asia and 4% from the Middle East. Buyers could not afford to miss the opportunity to snap up this talent and take it back to their boutiques. From German buyers with a taste for Scandinavian goodies to American boutique buyers loving the freshest emerging Spanish designers, this guide is just a sample of what a fusion of cultures and tastes we saw at this event and what amazing looks and insights they had to offer.

Dorothy Hui

Dorothy Hui had come all the way from Hong Kong to search for exclusive designs to take back to the chic Hong Kong boutique Liger Store.

Liger Store

Liger Store

Dorothy is well known for her sharp eye when it comes to spotting the hottest talent and she loved the designs of French jewelry label Shourouk. She was even modeling a Shourouk piece herself. Love her look!


We also caught up with German buyer and creative genius Anita Walia. She owns Düsseldorf based label BodyNeeds and is the founder of premium label The Perpetual which has been dubbed as the new Alexander McQueen.

Anita Walia

Anita models a piece from her collection which has a real air of nonchalant chic about it.

The Perpetual

Anita was looking for Scandinavian inspired products for her boutique, a trend you can absolutely observe in her fun but clean cut collection for The Perpetual.

Camila and Cristina

We also ran into Cristina and Camila buyers from the iconic LA based online store Nasty Gal. They had just fallen in love with up and coming Spanish jewelry designer Andres Gallardo

(we are too!!)

They were perfect ambassadors for their store with their funky vintage looks.


The Nasty Gal site has an eclectic collection of international designers as well as vintage products and an amazing blog and street style section. Everything they make is designed in their LA offices with love and laughter and they have some amazing collections coming your way in 2013.

designs from Nastygal

Last but not least was the owner of Pop-Corner boutique, Marseille who had come with her daughter to hunt for the cutest collections for their funky store. They were checking out the French sun-glass label Sky Eyes.

Pop Corner

Their store is a fruity feast for the eyes full of bright colors and unique bags and accessories.

Pop Corner

There was so much eclectic style to be seen at Who’s Next. Now I wish I could go and see these amazing boutiques for myself! 😉


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