PPR and Christopher Kane Together on the Road to Success

Posted by: Rachel Iwaniec 

In the past week news has surfaced that PPR, the multinational holding company responsible for the expansion and success of luxury brands such as Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and Stella McCartney, has struck again and consumed another designer.  Christopher Kane, one of London’s “out of the box” designers, has signed off 51% of the label’s stakes to the luxury conglomerate.  So what does this mean for the fashion industry and emerging designers, yes even the bizarre and perplexing ones? 


Fashion investors are taking a leap of faith and betting on a new horse.  While it is an investment of time with significant risk, a brand’s potential for success has shown to be a possible outcome.  Years ago, well not that long ago, in 2005, PPR took a chance on designer brands such as Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen.  At the time, new designers were truly few and far between.  However in today’s fashion society it is as though a new designer blooms every full moon.

Francois-Henri Pinault

This does not necessarily mean that all up and coming designers are met with success, but those that conceive a strong foundation will have fashion investors knocking on their door.  With respect to Christopher Kane there is much to be excited about with his addition to the PPR group.  He has been known for his unique points of influence and for his even more out there accessories.  Accessories, scents and more are things we can look forward to from Mr. Kane.


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