Posted by: Verónica Maya

It was instant love when we laid our eyes on these gorgeous bags and cuffs designed by Isabel Lanza. Newest member to Agorique, we caught up with Isabel, owner and designer of Isalda.

A: What inspired you to create Isalda?

I: After pursuing a degree in Audiovisual Communication and managing a number of children’s brands, I decided to go back to school to get my master’s degree in fashion design. The idea of creating my own label started when I was in college, which is where I started signing my work with my nickname: a fusion between my first name “Isa” and the first letters of where I’m from “Saldana” et voila, Isalda was born.

A: Tell us about your relationship with Vinyl Acetate? Will you incorporate other materials into your collections?

I: My relationship is what you might call “love at first sight”. While it’s a relatively common material it has fantastic qualities, notably its eco-friendly nature. It’s also very easy to work with, which is great because it allows me to have direct contact during the development phase of each prototype.

As for other materials, I am working on developing several leather pieces for the Claire Naa shop in Paris. And in my new collection KUBISMO I’ll be mixing vinyl with faux leather.

In the future there will definitely be more variety, absolutely.

A: We love your collections! Can you give us a little insider info behind your inspirations?

I: The first collection AVANT GARDE is inspired by the avant-garde of the early twentieth century, where in its most abstract form, color and shape are the protagonists.

The second collection FLUORITY mimics the minimalist inkling but pursues the fluorescent trend with touches of gold trimmings and leather finishes. It’s my homage to the women who inspire me including Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe.

My third and latest collection is KUBISMO, inspired by the Cubism avant-garde movement. You will continue to see the Isalda signature characterized by the high intensity of color, but this time on the inside. The exterior of each bag will be coated in leather with invisible snaps and gold studs.

A: Where can our readers find your collections?

I: You can find the collections in retail stores in Madrid (Malmo, Les Jardins, Julieta Aytas, Coccole and Co, See U Soon), Nice (Freedom of Taste) and Paris (Claire Naa) and via two online stores (Buylevard & Myveroom) and soon I’ll be launching my own online store (

A: Other than spending time designing your stunning collection, what else do you enjoy doing?

I: I love art so whenever I can visit an exhibit I’m there. Also I love everything vintage, so I never miss an opportunity to go to a market or shop to find clothes and accessories, furniture, frames, vinyls, boxes, basically anything with character and history.

I also love walking through the old part of this amazing city (Madrid)!

A: What has been your greatest challenge in getting where you are today?

I: My biggest challenge has been to continue despite the difficulties, working hard and believing in what I do.



A: What is your motto?

I: When I started working with vinyl (over a year ago) the first prototype I developed was the DADA bracelet and interestingly enough I discovered the English slogan “I am wearing my heart on my sleeve”.


Ever since, this has been the motto of my creations. It reminds me of my first piece and helps me continue with passion.

Thank you Isabel!


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