Trend Alert: Overalls

Posted by: Rachel Iwaniec

Pants don’t have to start at the waist…

Street Style

While overalls are projected for Spring ’12 (according to Phillip Lim’s line up) I’m telling you that there’s no need to wait until the flowers begin blooming.

Yes, that’s right the indestructible overalls have come full circle.  We all wore them when we were young.  I personally have fond memories of my hot pink shearling lined denim overalls from my wonder years.  This sensational shape is not only back, but comes it in a variety of materials.

They have been patiently waiting for us to give them a second chance.  And now with the right styling, overalls are showing up not only in broad daylight, but are being taken for a spin after hours.  Paired with heels and a blazer the one-piece accent becomes a conventional staple in our wardrobe.

While I have not successfully found my own pair, I think I’m still looking for a replacement pair for the hot pink shearlings, there is an ample variety in the market for you to find your match.


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