Unlikely Pair

Posted by:  Rachel Iwaniec

It’s like the typical romantic comedy, boy meets girl unexpectedly and initially despise one another. Making this long story short, the contrasting protagonists undergo a change of heart and end up together.  Maybe not as dramatic, but Spring ‘13 definitely proposed some unlikely pairings that ended with happy matrimony.

While discussing the inspiration for their exceptional collection, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough maintained that Tumblr served as a point of reference.  With delicate dresses that assumed the structure of origami, intermingling text with various images, the designers created cohesion amongst the chaos. Uniting perforated leather, exotic skins and jersey, Proenza Schouler experimented with the natural shapes these fabrics take when intermingled.

A relentless champion of formulating happy endings amongst unlikely couples, Christopher Kane pronounced a fitting match between light weight organza and molded rubber details.  The pristine cocktail dress went head over heels for  “bad boys” such as rubber and black gaffer tape.

Here are a few other designers that professed love for the unlikely pairings: Fendi, Preen, Alexander McQueen, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Jonathan Saunders.


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