Louve De Nordneg. Art and Fashion: A Unique Concept

Posted by: Verónica Maya

Agorique is pleased to introduce Louve de Nordneg, a new brand (2011) based in London that specializes in print designs.

Sofi, the designer behind these gorgeous prints, has a strong passion for everything art and fashion.

The results of Sofi’s process are special in that they’re similar to the Rorschach test; you are invited to interpret Louve de Nordneg’s designs. The patterns are significantly different from one another using deep enigmatic blues to vibrant reds to suit your mood, state of mind and personality.

Louve de Nordneg has a surrealist approach in creating her designs. Sofi experiments in a non-systematic manner to create temporary and abstract sculptures made of the most delicate and fragile objects collected over time: velvet, ribbons, jewels, inks and withered flowers.

What inspired you to start this company? What’s the name of your latest collection? Inspired by?

I have always been very attracted by visual and performance arts. Since I was little but it’s after a trip to Japan from Honshu to Okinawa that I decided to create my own fashion label. My last collection is called “Onirism” because I love day dreaming and letting my imagination taking over. It really suits the collection as it is quite abstract, like when you dream. When I create, I also always listen to music, this is very important for me to attain a certain level of creativity.

Who are you inspirations? Today? Growing up?

For me Alexander McQueen

was the best designer on Earth. He was edgy, sophisticated, provocative, innovative, just amazing… To create this collection, I mainly found inspiration by being what you call a “flaneur” in French, it means that you spend your time observing the world and people around you so I got inspired by going to exhibitions, performances and also…nature!

It might sound very cliché but when you live in a busy capitale like London, nature becomes very remote and becomes very inspiring, hence why I am using a lot of flowers, feathers and illustrations of animals for my designs.

Tell us about your biggest challenge in getting to where you are today.

I am only starting… but as I am never satisified… (I almost called my brand like that!) So it took me a long time to come up with this collection. I took a lot of care doing it, experimented in many ways, used different techniques and finally found one that suited me and gave me the results I needed. So it’s all about being patient, tenacious and passionate.

Do you have plans to diversify? Or collaborate?

I have started a range of dresses (hopefully ready soon!) and I would also like to create a swimwear collection. The bikinis I’d make would go very well with the silk scarves that can be used as sarongs. In terms of collaboration, there might be something coming up, will let you know more later 🙂

Why bow ties?

Bow ties, for men and women are a very elegant way to highlight an outfit, to make it outstanding and slightly quirky. Bow ties will be very big in the coming year, it is still worn by small group of hipsters but it will soon be mainstream.

What do you enjoy to do during your (limited) time off? 

I enjoy hanging out with friends to either exclusive bars or underground ones, I love discovering new places.

I am also what you would call a “culture vulture” so you can see me at gallery private views and exhibitions, opera, theatre, performances, gigs etc. I like to keep myself busy and make the most of this fantastic city that London is. I also love traveling.

The next destination is a trip all over Asia, can’t wait!

My favourites spots are Shibuya and Harajuku in TokyoBoth shopping paradises! And Jökulsárlón in Iceland, this is such a surreal place, simply amazing!

Where can our readers find your current collection?

You can discover my collection on my website: louvedenordneg.com – A new exclusive collection will soon be added.

What’s your motto? The one thing that you live by?

Life is short so make the most of it and follow your instinct, it will take you where you want to be. 

Thanks Sofi! We, at Agorique, absolutely love your scarves and are so excited to have you on board!


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