Back are ’90s

Posted by: Rachel Iwaniec

Back are the nineties. 

Back are the days of Generation X or the new adoptive variety of the not- so- alternative counter-culture youth. The accelerated evolution of ready-to-wear collections has continuously pushed boundaries of acceptable “work attire” and every day wear.  This spring season is no exception.

Long hair, plaid waist tied shirts contrasted against floral prints, frayed edges and loose layers which marked the state of mind of many designers at the SS13 fashion shows. Plaid made a big statement at shows such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, Dries Von Notten, Theyskens’ Theory, Celine, Acne and Chris Benz

Yes, you caught me… Dries Von Notten is once again addressed in this post.  However, I think it is safe to say, that he hit the nail on the head with the perfect amalgamation of plaids and flora.

These designers and others conveyed a sense of order out of chaos and a feeling of effortless style.  While grunge has been a theme in past seasons, SS13 brought new light to an odd coupling of fabrics and patterns.  Light and sheer tops were weighed down by embellishments in the form of organza, sequence and rhinestones.

These combinations served as the topic of conversation for designers.  Is it an indication of the extensive range of fashion that is available in the global and cyber stratosphere? Maybe designers are trying to communicate their confusion and maybe, their frustration with the constant transfer of trends by not sticking to one pattern or tone.  Or maybe they are trying to tell us something about our present generation.

Grunge is no longer identified as a subculture, but rather an accepted form of dress in mass society. It is no longer a signifier of exclusion but one of the all-inclusive position.  Our generation is much more nimble and attuned to new movements and trends.  Information is shared on a global scale, across different media platforms at an increasingly rapid speed.

I think of films such as Reality Bites and Singles  as the face of the nineties, the struggling youth who retreat from the traditional life style.  However, this struggle is no longer a state of the youth, but rather a way of life. Things are never what they seem to be and are always in constant flux. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to differentiate ourselves and better our community, industry, world.

We are no longer fighting the traditional lifestyle but rather trailblazing a new path of our own.


3 thoughts on “Back are ’90s

  1. Cómo podrían faltar los ’90s entre las tendencías de S/S13 ! Me encanta que vuelva
    el estilo del año en que nací, sin duda uno de los mejores años, cuando las modelos empezaron a crear influencia en el mundo de la moda!

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