Posted by: Rachel Iwaniec

Nicolas Ghesquiere officially announced his departure from the company after 15 years as Creative Director.  The volume of praise for the designer has been immeasurable.  Ghesquiere’s unwavering innovative direction has single-handedly transformed the brand into a thriving and worldwide-recognized brand.  Don’t forget, it was Ghesquiere who introduced the motorcycle bag.

That in today’s fast-moving market is still in high demand.  Or how about the buckle ankle boots.

 That was reintroduced three seasons later due to the endless demand from customers.  The boot is sold out everywhere… trust me, I’ve searched to the ends of the earth.  These timeless designs are a mark of the designer’s talent and innovative design.

The female figure has been draped, wrapped, sheltered and encrusted with Ghesquiere’s riveting and revolutionary departure as the creative director.


source of runway photos

So what happened?  Why the break-up?  Ghesquiere and PPR (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, the Parent company of Balenciaga) seemed so happy together.  But it appears that the split was not shock for those involved.  Cathy Horn of the NY Times justified Ghesquiere’s decision to leave the company with belief that he was unhappy under the constraints of PPR.

The evolution of the management of brands has simultaneously compressed the control of the designer.  This frustration Ghesquiere has been experiencing is not the first of its kind.  Hopefully this won’t be the last of Nicolas in our lives.  Hopefully this is just a little vacation for him.  For now, we will have to wait and take in as much of his influence at Balenciaga as possible.



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