ATTENTION BOUTIQUES! 5 Easy Tips to Help Increase Sales! Tip #3


Posted by: Stephanie Halphen

TIP #3: People.

If you’re just tuning in, we are on day 3 of  “Tip of the Day” for bouique owners. We interviewed retailers in the prime shopping area of Barcelona, Born, to bring to you these simple tips to help you combat the competitive retail landscape and break through the clutter.

Today’s “Tip of the Day” is two-fold: Employees and the Community.

You’re a store owner, yes, and you have employees. Sales associates play the most important role for a consumer’s in-store experience. Your employees represent you and the store, especially when you’re not there, so why not guarantee that you’re putting your best foot forward even when your foot’s not there?


First: Practice what you Preach. Only when you provide top tier customer service with a smile on your face will your employees better understand how you want them to interact with your clients.

Second: Responsibilities. Providing your employees with more responsibilities will make them feel more accountable and proud of the work they’re doing for you and the store. From managing the visual merchandise to managing the inventory, people who are provided challenges are more motivated and therefore your people will make for better sales associates. Plus it will free up some of your time to do other important things for the store such as blogging 😉

Third: Commission Balance. You don’t want an overbearing sales associate nor do you do want an apathetic one. Manage their incentive by combining hourly salaries with personal performance and store performance based on sales as well as returns.



Jorge, Jose and Miguel are locals to Born and are working on the store right behind them: a new boutique!

Another important people factor is your community. Get involved! Your neighborhood is where you and many other retailers do business every day so why not join forces and do something big. Some retailers we interviewed in the Born neighborhood last week promoted a local band and threw a little shindig in their actual store! Another retailer partnered with a local art gallery and curated their new fall collection along with the gallery’s new show.

Partnering with local businesses and people from the neighborhood will help promote your store, drive down the cost and drive up the traffic!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Tip of the Day!


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