ATTENTION BOUTIQUES! 5 Easy Tips to Help Increase Sales! Tip #2


Posted by: Stephanie Halphen

TIP #2: Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Tweet, Re-post. Repeat.


Blogging is the best way in which you can communicate with your clients. People love stories. They want to know about your store, they want to know what designers you carry and why you carry a specific designer versus another. Whether you Instagram an antique boudoir that moves you or blog about your everyday inspirations, new arrivals, the sales, the designers…people want to know your story. Trust us, your clients, old and new, will feel more connected to you and to your store.


We know what you’re wondering…Who’s going to see my blog? Simple: Everyone you’re connected with online! Once you have a blog, it’s time to put your social marketing skills to use. Blog sites such as WordPress and Blogspot make it easy for you to repost onto social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Make sure to have a short and catchy header to pique interest and drive the most clicks to your blog, just think about what would draw your attention to a blog. Also don’t forget to have a link to your blog from your website!


Last but certainly not least on the list: Content. You want to be a trusted fashion source and source of inspiration for your customers. Of course the products you carry speak highly of your store but it is a known fact that consumers love content. So in addition to your blog, start spreading the news! Where do you get this content? Begin by adding Google Alerts to your daily email stream, search for categories you find relevant then start re-posting these articles. You can be on the look for fashion trends, street style, local events – if you want to be the fashion expert you need to start reading and sharing.

 Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Tweet, Re-post. Repeat.


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