ATTENTION BOUTIQUES: 5 Easy Tips to Help Increase Sales! Tip #1


Posted by: Stephanie Halphen

Hello boutiques! We love your independence, your uniqueness, your boldness. And most of all we love your everyday support towards independent and emerging designers. This is why this week we are focusing our blogs on you! For the next 5 days you will receive a “Tip of the Day” that will focus on how to combat the Inditex and H&M retail giants of the world and help boost sales!

We spent last week interviewing some indie boutiques in a neighborhood called Born (THE high-end shopping area in Barcelona) to bring you some retailing tips to boost sales and drive consumers to your store.

Warning: Boutiques, this will definitely generate traffic. Be ready to rumble!

TIP #1: Keep It Personal

Marketing 101: It is more expensive to acquire new customers than to maintain your current customer base.

As a consumer, there is nothing better than your favorite store making you feel like you’re their favorite. It motivates you to return to the store more often and spend your hard earned bucks in a place that truly values your business. Take a look at some of the recommendations below, we would put our hands over a burning stove when saying that this will help you build and maintain your customer loyalty base

Side note, loyal consumers means raving about your store to their friends.

Marketing 102: Word Of Mouth (WOM) – most effective free advertising!

  1. Send emails about new arrivals. If you have their email address, use it! They want to be in-the-know about your store.
  2. Send personalized holiday cards. If you have their snail mail address, use it! There is nothing more personal than a hand written note and it keeps you top of mind.
  3. Make it relevant. You’re the buyer for the store, so why not custom select some items you think your client will love?
  4. Packaging. For every online order that you ship out, take one minute to write a hand written thank you note.
  5. Offer additional services. You might not have the resources to offer this to everyone, but offering a personal shopping or stylist service to your best clients will bring in additional revenues and maintain the conversation.
  6. Reinforce good behavior. Say thank you to your most loyal clientele by offering them special discounts or gifts.

Break through the retail clutter and differentiate your store from the others!


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