Red, White & Blue

Posted by: Alexa Buffum

You might be noticing a theme here and the truth is we’re obsessed. Yes, we admit it we are head over heels in love with the one and only glam-face Lana del Rey. We attended her first international concert in sunny Barcelona back in June, promoting her new album Born to Die. And as we gently weaved our way closer to the stage to get a better glimpse of our fab gal, Lana, we were mesmerized by her angelic voice complimented by her handpicked backdrop – a slideshow of American cultural icons and of Lana as a child. The concert felt like a dream, it was perfect. Camera in hand we started snapping away and just had to share this one with you.


The inspiration behind today’s blog spot, we introduce to you a print that has piqued the interest of LDM and fashion designers across the globe.

Oh I’m sorry, did you think that sporting the American flag print was only 4th of July appropriate? Think twice friends!

America – the land of money making – errr. At least your dollar bills can and will look stylish in this beaded leather applique clutch!

TOTeM Salvaged Clutch

TOTeM Salvaged Clutch

Off for a night out on the town with your girlfriends or a smokin’ date with your partner in crime? Nothing says fun and sexy better than these all American platforms.

Jeffrey Campbell Platforms

Or make a splash this Labor Day weekend and strut into the coveted end of summer BBQ event in this free-flowing patriotic dress.

Catherine Malandrino’s iconic Flag Dress (right side)

Nervous that this trend will die down come fall? We don’t think so! You can now wrap yourself in the red, white & blue…

Free People Tattered Flag Scarf

So, whether you’re trying to introduce the American flag print into your daily routine or make a one time splash at the event of the year, you can and will be doing it in style.


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