What you’ll be wearing S/S 2013….

Posted by: Alexa Buffum

LDM was super excited to be invited to WGSN’s seminar at The Brandery on Spring/Summer 2013 trends. So now we are in the know about what you’ll be dying to get your hand on next spring.  The first of the 3 big macro-trends is Wonderlab. Wonderlab is all about science and technology, about transforming the world in ways we are only starting to imagine and about finding inspiration in new and unexpected places.

Our favorite Wonderlab print trend for next spring/summer is outer space and galaxies. Whether you take a literal or more subtle inspiration from this trend, the prints are very cool and can carry you through the hot days of summer into fall. We absolutely love Black Milk’s galaxy leggings. The images are taken from real NASA photographs of outer space, pretty awesome! And ShadowPlayNYC has some killer galaxy print dresses.

Black Milk


Sequins are back next summer! As part of the Wonderlab trend designers are using sequins to create shimmery flowing looks reminiscent of water and nature. We saw them at the Celia Vela and Justicia Ruano 2013 runways at 080 Barcelona Fashion and you’ll be seeing them everywhere come spring; from sequined stripes at Marc Jacobs to bold fun prints made entirely from sequins. How will you wear your sequins?

Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

The Rodnik Band

Technology is also an important part of the Wonderlab trend. One of our favorites is the use of laser cut to create new shapes, textures and volume. This Marchesa silk laser cut dress is absolutely gorgeous. Laser cut also makes its way into accessories with these cute clutches. The Asos yellow clutch even has an industrial theme with cut-out gears. Do you want one as much as we do?

Christopher Kane



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