Gemela Designs the Rescue!

Posted by: Alexa Buffum

Please meet our featured designer interview of the week – Julie Verdugo and Diana Verdugo – co-designers and founders of Gemela Design, a jewelry company.

LDM: When did you start your first collection? How did you start the collection?

GD: We launched our very first collection in August 2009 in Michigan.

LDM: Where do you find your inspiration? Who are your style icons?

GD: The inspirational markers that we’ve translated into our designs are a trifecta combination of our travels, our engineering background and Detroit, MI. We are constantly in awe of the world’s beauty and love that hard edge that Detroit and engineering provide. In terms of style icons, one word: Karl. And we are also slightly obsessed with the Man Repeller blogger.

LDM: What materials do you mainly work with?

GD: Every collection has nothing to do with the previous one in terms of materials. We work with new visions and new ideas every time and sometimes to a fault; so many materials and so little time!

LDM: Any insight on the future trends in the jewelry market that you could share with our readers?

GD: We have a couple of thoughts on this. We believe that jewelry should be multi-functional giving creativity to the client. We are keen on letting the client interpret how they would like to wear our designs: an earring could be converted into a bracelet. It’s a lot about a woman’s body and just like clothing, jewelry falls and flatters the woman’s shape and color differently.
We also believe that the jewelry and clothing market are merging. Take for example the bib necklace and how it’s evolving: it’s becoming more textured and growing longer. Jewelry materials are being used more and more within clothing and vice versa. It’s a blue ocean out there and we love it!

Visit their website at and follow them on Facebook at gemela design llc. Thank you ladies!!!


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